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Naomi Matsuda
 Spiritual Transformational Guide

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I stepped into my Spiritual path and Higher calling  in 2000.  I Am an Intuitive Spiritual Transformational Guide here in service!!  Along with my visions , I also use Tarot Cards to bring messages to you.  I Am merely a vessel for Spirit to use me for messages. I read intuitively and assist in discovering what needs to be seen . I also assist in discovering traumas that are being carried, passed down by lineage, old stories and/or religions which are not aligned with who you are~   I Am here to guide you how to heal yourself by returning to yourself.  You carry all the medicine you need you heal  yourself !!!~  I Am truly Honored to assist in Guiding you to Yourself and there You Will Feel how Powerful You Are!

Let us live it in our Fullest and Highest Potential~  


It is my honor to assist you on the journey there. Blessed Be.

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires






   Removing blocks that keep you          from the abundance and                    happiness you desire.

   Introducing tools to begin self love    & healing.





 Inner Growth and Spiritual  Development

 Discover traumas which create the    blocks. 

  Using tarot cards and crystals for     guidance and healing.    

   Receiving intuitive guidance from     Spirit.

"The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely."

- Yung Pueblo


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